P6 Fixtures

Sunday 30th June 2019

Smurfs - Badly Wrapped Kebab
HACAs - Return of the Black

Smurfs Res - Return of the Black Res
HACAs Res - Badly Wrapped Kebab Res

Do Daka Chaka - Return of Chamakh
Cheesy sausage FC - AFC Blitz

If you would like to join a P6 football league simply email your details to P6FC@mail.com or call us on 07538228881 and will we look to get you involved as soon as a space crops up.

Premier Sixes Terms & Conditions

1. Match fees for the Sunday is £23 per week, this is just over £3 per person based on a 7 man squad.

2. If a team is absent on two consecutive match nights, they will be removed from the league.

3. It isn't often the case we need to invoke the following. If a side has to be removed from the league because they fall too far behind with their match fee's all of their players shall be banned from participating in P6 leagues until such time that they have cleared their portion of their teams debt.


23rd June 2019
Premier Division

Smurfs 1-1 Return of the Black
Return of Chamakh 1-2 Badly Wrapped Kebab
HACAs 0-6 Do Daka Chaka

Division One
Return of the Black Res 6-3 Badly Wrapped Kebab Res
HACAs Res VS Cheesy Sausage FC
Smurfs Res 2-6 AFC Blitz