P6 Fixtures

Sunday 30th June 2019

Smurfs - Badly Wrapped Kebab
HACAs - Return of the Black

Smurfs Res - Return of the Black Res
HACAs Res - Badly Wrapped Kebab Res

Do Daka Chaka - Return of Chamakh
Cheesy sausage FC - AFC Blitz

Premier Sixes - The Legends

This is the home of the legends who have graced P6 since February 2005.





Kurt Taylor & Chris Treglown

NIAMOS / Six Offenders / FUBAR / 6Pac
Southern Athletico & Farcalona

Kurt Taylor - 1986-2011
P6 Division One - 2010
P6 Division Two - 2008, 2009, 2010
P6 Division Three - 2010

Kurt Taylor becomes the new #1 in the Legends list as a way of honouring the life of one of the nicest guys you could ever hope to meet. The #1 slot has now been retired in your memory mate - you will always top the list.
The shocking news that Kurt had passed away aged just 24 in February 2011 has shaken P6 as we have lost a friend, an outstanding player in the 11-a-side team and an all round nice guy.
Kurt started playing at P6 back in 2008 for NIAMOS and quickly became a popular figure on the Sunday scene playing for several other teams. His rapid pace saw him liken to Michael Owen in his prime and it wasn't long before he stepped his game up and joined the P6FC 11-a-side team.
Kurt's debut came towards the tail end of the 2007-08 season away the Delabole United Reserves with the P6FC team depleted by injuries. Despite Kurt's lack of 11-a-side experience he had a dream debut scoring a hat-trick and picking up the man of the match in a 4-1 win.
Kurt continued to play for P6FC and was part of the team that finished Duchy 3 runners up, Junior Cup semi-finalists and League Cup semi-finalists in 2009-10, P6's most successful season.
Kurt began the 2010-11 season in blistering form picking up 4 goals from his 5 starts and two man of the match performances before heading back to South Africa for a few months to see his family before coming back for the end of the season.
Tragedy struck while he was still in South Africa, leaving a sense of shock hanging over the rest of his team mates who cannot believe that our friend won't be coming back.
Kurt you were a legend, the nicest guy in the team (my daughter was upset to hear of your loss, she said 'Kurt was the nice one who didn't say naughty words') and the ultimate team player who never grumbled if you were on the bench or were subbed.
You leave behind an army of friends from the 11-a-side team and the P6 league who will never forget you.
The P6 Player of the Year trophy is now going to become the Kurt Taylor Player of the Year trophy.

Chris Treglown - 1988-2012
P6 Premier Division 2011
P6 Champions Cup runners up 2011

Almost a year after P6 legend Kurt taylor passed away, we lose another good man as Southern Athletico and Farcalona's Chris Treglown was killed in a car crash on Sunday evening. Chris was the only remaining original member of the Southern Athletico squad and picked up a P6 Premier division medal and Champions Cup runners up medal in his time at P6. Chris was one of the most popular people at the astro as he had time to speak to anyone and was always willing to help a team out if they were short. On the pitch he will be remembered not only for his incredible dribbling skills and lightening pace but also for being probably the least selfish player in the history of P6. His performances caught the eye and after much badgering he signed for P6FC this season. His performances even caught the eye of Godolphin first team manager Derek Martin who also attempted to sign him in the summer. Chris was always busy and the opportunity to play for the 11-a-side team never arose, but it goes without saying he would have made an enormous impact for the team and would have been one of the first names on the team sheet if things had o been different. Truly the nicest, most genuine guy has been lost and the league won't be the same without seeing him hanging around the dugouts between games chatting to everyone. You will be missed my friend. RIP Chris Treglown.


Luke Wort

Cunning Stunts / Where's Davis?!?!?

P6 Division One - 2007
P6 Division Three - 2007
P6 Plate - 2006, 2008
P6 Bowl - 2006

"I was born for soccer, just as Beethoven was born for music." Arrogant, pompous words. Except when they are spoken by Lukas Wort, the famous Ventongimponean of Cunning Stunts and Where's Davis??!! fame.

Lukas Wort (born in Ventongimps, nr Truro, Cornwall, England), is best known by his nickname Wort & Twinkle Toes .

He is a former Ventongimps football player, and widely regarded to be the greatest player to play in this region of all time. In his native Gimps, Wort is hailed as a national hero for his accomplishments and contribution to the game, in addition to being officially declared a national treasure by the Gimps government, and is known by the native locals as O Rei do Futebol or simply O Rei Wort .

Wort began playing for the Premier Sixes legend team Cunning Stunts when he was spotted by local talent scout Tom Armstrong, some say for more reasons than his football!

His success with the Stunts has opened more opportunities for him, perhaps the most significant being given the chance to play for his boyhood hero's Where's Davis??! When he isn't playing football he shines shoes for pennies, in the streets of Truro for local business men. But as Wort fever begins to take grasp of the nation, he has become the face of Cornwall County Councils and the local National Health Trusts advertising campaign to promote awareness for men with erectile problems, which is something very close to his heart.

Worts technique and natural athleticism have been praised throughout the Cornish land; he is renowned for his brilliant dribbling and visionary passing, as well as his pace, powerful shot, and an exceptional heading ability, although this is all true it has also been noted that is quite often suffers from attacks of laziness.

Daniel Code has long been an admirer of the Wort and had this to say about his idol "He is lithe, agile, strong and seems to be able to make the ball do as he pleased. Blessed with a stunning shot and an ability to soar above defences, he is expected to perform some astonishing feat of trickery every time he is in possession, I just love this man, he is my idol, my hero, I want to be Luke Wort ".

Performance at any high level in any sport is to exceed the ordinary human scale. But Worts performances out shine that of the ordinary star by as much as the star exceeds ordinary performance.

Heroes walk alone, but they become myths when they enrich the lives and touch the hearts of all of us. For those who love Football, Rei Wort , generally known as Wort, is a hero, and thus top of the list of Premier Sixes Legends.



Boston Red Sox

UKSEVENS National Championship - 2008, 2009, 2011
P6 Premier Division - 2007, 2007, 2007, 2008, 2008, 2008
P6 Division One - 2008
P6 Division Two - 2010
P6 Division Three - 2008
P6 Champions Cup - 2006, 2008, 2008, 2008, 2009, 2009
P6 Shield - 2008


John Meagor

Real Egloshayle

P6 Premier Division - 2010
P6 Division One - 2011
P6 Champions Cup - 2010, 2011
P6 Shield - 2008, 2008


Karl Olander

Keep it Local

P6FC Player of the Year - 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11
P6FC Players Player of the Year - 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11

Quite simply the greatest player to ever play for P6FC. The 'Special One' hit the big 40 during the 2011/12 season and still looks like the fittest guy on the pitch. Could be the Swedish equivalent of James Bond as he rocks up in his Audi TT, sails yachts and generally dominates at everything. probably the only guy in the 7 years of P6 to enjoy / attempt an overhead kick more than Dan Code.


Chris Bonner

The Rowdies / Cosmos Revolution

P6 Premier Division - 2007, 2008, 2008, 2011
P6 Division One - 2008, 2010
P6 Division Two - 2010
P6 Division Three - 2008
P6 Champions Cup - 2008, 2009, 2009, 2010, 2011
P6 Shield - 2008


Steve Sparkes


2007 P6 Summer Championship


Andrew Wayman

The Sausage Boys



Ryan Curtis


P6 Shield - 2006, 2007


The Snipers - Dan Code / Wayne Pascoe / Mick Thomson


Much like the race to the South Pole or to the top of Everest. Back in the day these 3 players fought it out to become the first players to score from open play, from a penalty, from a free-kick, from kick off and direct from a corner. There is no hard evidence to stipulate who won the race but one thing is left for certain. These 3 players are still the only ones to manage to score from all the criteria set out above. Unbelievable Tekkers........


Nathan Prentice

Oceans 11 / Boston Red Sox / NIAMOS / FUBAR / 6Pac / Six Offenders

P6 Premier Division - 2008, 2008
P6 Division One - 2010
P6 Division Two - 2008, 2009, 2009
P6 Champions Cup - 2008,2008


Rikki Clarke

Upper Deck / Prep H / DC United

P6 Division One - 2009
P6 Division Two - 2010
P6 Division Three - 2007
P6 Shield - 2010
P6 Plate - 2010


'Taribo West'

Boston Red Sox / Rowdies

P6's only regular pro play 'Taribo West' used to represent the Red Sox and the Rowdies back in 2007-2009 when the football off season kicked in. #12 in the legends list obviously wasnt the real Taribo West, but his real name could not be used so as not to upset the Pro team who he plays for so in typical P6 tongue in cheek style the name Taribo West was used for all the match reports. Some player.


Mark Rose

Boston Red Sox / Six Offenders / Newquay Yids / Lobo Gym / TR7.5

P6 Premier Division - 2007, 2008, 2008
P6 Division Two - 2007
P6 Champions Cup - 2006, 2008, 2008
P6 Shield - 2007

Still holds the honour of scoring the greatest goal ever scored at P6 when he threw himself about 4 foot into the air to execute the perfect scissor kick, connecting sweetly with Aaron Dilley's long ball and sending the ball hurtling across the face of the goal before crashing into the far top corner. As the ball went in the astro stopped and everyone applauded. What a guy. Outside of football mark enjoys growing beards and attempting to break his on 4 kick up personal best.


James Ringrose

Pups / Mean Machine / TR7.5

P6 Premier Division - 2006, 2006
P6 Champions Cup - 2006
P6 Shield - 2006, 2007


Martyn Probert

NIAMOS / Men United / Untouchaballs

P6 Division One - 2010
P6 Division Two - 2008, 2009
P6 Shield - 2010


Jake Ash

Tremough Chiefs

P6 Division Two - 2005
P6 Champions Cup - 2005
Part of the total footballing machine that was Tremough Chiefs, Ash was forced to stop playing 6-a-side when he signed a contract with Truro City when they began their meteroric rise through the leagues. Ash is not only still playing for Truro but he has also captained them and was part of the side that won the FA Vase at Wembley a few years ago. Definately some player...


Tom Currah

Keep it Local / Mitchell_Life

P6 Division One - 2008
P6 Plate - 2007
P6 Bowl - 2007


Alistair Mckenna

Tekkerslavakia / Bayern Never Lusen

P6 Champions Cup 2011

Enrolled 12th October 2011

Mckenna becomes the newest player to be entered into the Legends list. The Player Manager of the Tekkerslavakia outfit who were once described by Gary Lineker as 'Average at best', has performed miracles in nets for them earning superstar status within the league. His performances have been that good that he was asked to join the Bayern Neverlusen franchise. It was during this chapter of his career that he completed his journey to legendary status as he helped his team win the 2011 Champions Cup final against massive favourites Southern Athletico by keeping a clean sheet. Outside of football he enjoy's receiving love bites and then being punched in the eye. What a guy.


Tom Lyme

Smurfs / Smurfs Reserves



Scott Palmer

Ben's Bashers / Mean Machine

P6 Premier Division - 2006, 2006, 2007
P6 Division Three - 2005
P6 Champions Cup - 2006, 2007
P6 Knockout Cup - 2006


Martin 'AKO' Atkinson

Newquay Town FC / Where's yer Granny Mate! / Gilberts Babes

Premier Division - 2005, 2005, 2010
Champions Cup - 2005


James Miller

Athletes Feet

Division 3 - 2006
Shield - 2006


Tom Berry


P6 Summer Championship - 2008
P6 Premier Division - 2010
P6 Division One - 2009
P6 Plate - 2010


Rob Black

Premier Sixes All Stars

Titles: N/A

Back in the summer of 2006 Premier Sixes ran their first ever Friday night Summer League. Amongst the teams participating was a rather random P6 All Stars side. One random night the All Stars faced off against a Treguth Inn team without their regular keeper. Rob Black (now centre half and captain of the P6FC 11-a-side team) stepped forward to take on the position of All Stars #1. What followed was one of the most shocking goal keeping performances ever witnessed. Black makes legend status as his incompetent display was all caught on camera. The following footage is a masterclass in how to not act in goal as Black does the following:

- Almost conceeds a back pass from team mate Rich Fevatta (52 seconds)
- Conceeds a shot from Dilley that was A) straight at him and B) hit at 3mph (1.35 min)
- Then proceeds to fall over getting the ball out of the net (1.40 min)
-P6 score, celebrate and before they can regroup Treguth shoot from kickoff - Black attempts a scorpion kick to clear but only succeeds in planting his face in the astro as the ball nestles in the back of the net (1.50 min)

Here it is in all it's glory...P6 Legend #23 ... Rob Black officially the worst GK ever


Mark 'Dogger' Thomas

Cunning Stunts / Where's Davis?!?!?

P6 Division One - 2007
P6 Division Three - 2007
P6 Plate - 2006, 2008
P6 Bowl - 2006


Steve Winnan

Tremough Chiefs

P6 Division Two - 2005
P6 Champions Cup - 2005
The first player in the list of heroes is none other than Steve Winnan. The name of this legend and his team the Tremough Chiefs will be lost on almost everyone playing in the league now but back in 2006 the Tremough Chiefs who came from around the Falmouth area were the most fiercesome team in P6 history. Winnan was the player manager who played for Falmouth Town FC, the rest of the squad were senior footballers who played on a Saturday for either Falmouth, Penryn, Wendron or Truro City. There line up even included a young Jake Ash who went onto win the FA Vase a couple of years later at Wembley with Truro. The Chiefs were legendary as they had the best kit ever seen at P6 with each player suited and booted in Lotto shirts, socks and shorts (see picyure below). Now while the Chiefs only ever silverware were a couple of Champions Cups and a division two title (they were immediately promoted to the Premiership) they played the greatest football ever witnessed at P6 as their one touch total football destroyed teams. They still hold the P6 keep ball record after retaining possession with the ball in play of just over 3 minutes. Winnan was the brains behind the Chiefs and despite a stay in the league of just 2 seasons they left their mark as the greatest footballing unit the league will probably ever see.

23rd June 2019
Premier Division

Smurfs 1-1 Return of the Black
Return of Chamakh 1-2 Badly Wrapped Kebab
HACAs 0-6 Do Daka Chaka

Division One
Return of the Black Res 6-3 Badly Wrapped Kebab Res
HACAs Res VS Cheesy Sausage FC
Smurfs Res 2-6 AFC Blitz