Sunday 1st May Fixtures

A6Milan vs Do Daka Chaka

Newquay Club de Futbol vs Inter Menan
Crouch Potato vs NQY.PL

Crouch Potato vs Arselona (PLATE FINAL)
AFC Blitz vs The Upper Deck

Ninja Skrtels vs The Upper Deck
Burnouts vs Arselona

Smurfs vs DC United (Shield Final)
Wadebridge vs Crouchys Robots

Barn Door Blazers vs DC United
Smurfs vs Crouchys Robots

Barn Door Blazers vs Stroke Titty
Real Egloshayle vs DC United Res

The Smurfs vs TR7.5 Division One decider + Champions Cup Final and the Barn Door Blazers vs Real Egloshayle Plate final will be held on the first day of next season as there were so many games to jam in.

There isn't any football on May 8th as there is a football tournament being held on the astro turf so the new season will begin on May 15th with the launch of the new look Premier Sixes website.


Sunday 24th April 2016

Premier Division
Crouchys Robots 1-3 Do Daka Chaka
Badly Wrapped Kebab 1-3 Barn Door Blazers
A6Milan 2-0 DC United

Division One
The Upper Deck 0-2 TR7.5 Wadebridge Wanderers 3-0 Crouch Potato
AFC Blitz 1-2 Crouchys Robots

Division Two
Badly Wrapped Kebab 1-1 Crouch Potato
Real Egloshayle 0-2 NQY.PL
DC United Res 0-1 The Burnouts

Division Three
Harbour Chippy FC 1-5 Barn Door Blazers
Inter Menan 6-0 Stroke Titty
Harbour Chippy FC
The Upper Deck 2-2 Ninja Skrtels

Rules of Payment
Match fees are £23 per week, this is approximately £3.50 per player for a 7-man squad. It is easier for us and teams if you pay us before your match. Any under payments will be taken out of your teams deposit. Your teams deposit is fully refundable should you wish to leave Premier Sixes. If a team wishes to leave Premier Sixes we require 2 weeks notice please, as to fill your space. If 2 weeks notice is not given we are afraid that we will keep your deposit. Should your team not show up one week, then we will still charge you the full match fee. We are entitled to replace your team with no notice should your team fall into the red and show no attempt to pay off your debt.

Rules of Play
We have developed the following rules to ensure that all of the matches at P6 flow as smoothly as possible. Six players per team only allowed on the pitch at any one time. We have rolling subs so that the game is not interrupted. Your squad can be as big as you want or you may have the bare 6 it is completely at your own discretion. Teams can substitute players whenever they want and do not need to inform the referee of the change. If a side ever has 7 players on the pitch though and the player leaving the field becomes active in play, then that side will conceed a penalty to the opposition for fielding the extra player.

Each game consists of 2-half’s, which are 15 minute’s each way. After the first half the teams will swap ends as usual in football.

Kick off
: All kick offs are taken from the centre point of the pitch. The player kicking off is only allowed one touch. Shooting from kick off is allowed.

Substitutes: Subs can roll on and roll off whenever they wish. The referee does not need to be informed but if the player leaving the pitch suddenly becomes active in play the opposing team will be awarded a penalty kick as their opponents will have 7 active players on the pitch.

As we play on 3rd generation astro turf sliding tackles are allowed.

The Goalkeeper is allowed out of his area, but is not allowed to handle the ball outside of this area. If a goalkeeper dribbles the ball out of his area he automatically becomes an outfield player while the ball is under his control, this means that he is not allowed to return to his area with the ball still under his control as this is construed as time wasting. Any goalkeeper who commits this offence will concede a penalty kick to the opposition.

Areas: The areas are a no go zone for outfield players. If a defending player is adjudged to have touched a ball within his area then the opponents will be awarded a Penalty. If an attacking player scores but is adjudged to have struck the ball from inside the area then the opposing team will restart play with a goal kick. Attacking players may not go into the area to distract the opposition keeper. A free-kick to the defending team will be awarded.

Back pass rule: Back passes are allowed with the following exception; If the goalkeeper plays the ball to an outfield player that player may not play the ball back to the goalkeeper as this is construded as time wasting (because the same two players could keep doing this to run the clock down). The penalty for such an offence will be a direct free-kick to the opposition. The free kick may be taken within 5 yards of the area. Keepers can either come out of the area to receive the pass or let the ball go out for a corner in order to save the free kick being given.

Throw ins: As long as the ball is released by two hands from above a players head we aren't going to worry about the finer points of the technique as the important thing is getting the ball back into play quickly.

Goal Kicks:
If a keeper needs to get a ball from by the corner flag or wherever to restart play he may release the ball from where he gets the ball, even if that is outside his area, again to get play going again quickly. If the opposing team benefit from the keeper being caught out of position and score the goal will stand.

Penalty kicks: are taken from the edge of the area and the attacking player can have as much of a run up as they like. The keeper must stay on their line until the kick is taken or face the penalty being retaken.

Penalty Goals: This has only ever popped up a couple of times, but should a shot be going into the goal and a defending player for some reason goes running into the area to clear it, a goal will be given, rather than sending the defending player off and awarding the attacking team a penalty. The reason for this is because of the unsporting nature of such an action. A side could be winning by a goal in the last minute of a game and it is obviously to the defending teams advantage to ‘cheat’ in such a way as the penalty could always be saved. This ruling ensures fair play.
Free-kicks: All free-kicks are direct. The opposing team may set up a ONE man wall 5 yards back from were the ball is placed. Other than the player in the wall the attacking team must have a free strike at goal so if the ball hits another player behind the wall on it's way towards goal then the free-kick is moved forwards to the point were it hit that player.
Player Safety

ALL players MUST wear shin pads, otherwise they will not be able to play. If a player forgets there shin pads, then they will be able to borrow a pair from Premier Sixes. Shin Pads: Pads have to be worn to ensure player safety. Remember it hurts when your shins get kicked with no pads.

Premier Sixes carries public liabilty insurance through Bluefin Insurance, however, this does not cover player's against general injuries caused though football. Player's should have their own personal injury cover if they think that they will be adversely affected by a footballing related injury.

ALL players MUST be 16 years old or over.